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Ginjo und Ayaka

About us

We have been producing and presenting works as a duo since 2019.

Since 2022 we have been based in Berlin as international interns for the Japanese cultural agency.

​In 2024

Appeared in "Cusp" choreographed by Amanda Donato.

Performed as a model at Daniel Kujawa's fashion show at Berlin Fashion Week.

In 2023

Announced our New Piece

 "Necrology" at DOCK11 Berlin, Raw&Polished at Nürnberg.

 "Session/Bolero" with musician Fumihiro Ono.

 "Nie"  MA/ART POINT IN BETWEEN at Anomalie Art Club.

Appeared in the performance 

"Saralyman" choreographed by Ryota Maeda at Performing Arts Festival Berlin.

 "GEISTER GMBH" sponsored by Electro Kagura.

Gayane Hakobyan's project "STOP HEKATOMBE".

JapanSpoken Word Night sponsored by Japanese German Center Berlin as Electro Kagura.

In 2022

”Kites rises highest againnst the wind -not with it." Saitama National Dance Contest Awarded 2nd place in creative dance .

In 2021

"The Loved One"  The SAI Dance Competition at Sai no Kuni Arts Theater.

"Myth to Posterity" at Theater Babylon.

"Expo"  at Hyacinth House in Akigase Park.

In 2019

"The Hole" at the Koshigaya Noh Theater.

"Come of Age" at Theater Babylon.

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